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Chicco Duo is the first ever hybrid baby bottle with a pure glass inner layer called Invinci-Glass and a premium plastic outer layer for the perfect balance of purity and strength! Duo is born from an advanced medical technology that permanently bonds a micro-thin inner layer of pure glass to plastic to create a bottle that is lightweight, break-proof, long-lasting—and won't shatter, chip, crack, or flake. Duo makes sure baby’s milk touches glass. And it stays clear—it won’t stain, or discolor, or harbor smells, or aftertaste. It's dishwasher, bottle warmer, and sterilizer safe and has minimal parts so you can easily clean your favorite bottle. Award-winning Duo features the exclusive Intui-Latch nipple with a 9 out of 10 acceptance rate, breast-like flow, natural feel, and anti-colic valve. Available in single packs, two-packs, and gift sets.

Chicco Duo 5oz. Hybrid Baby Bottle 2-Pack - Neutral

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