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Play Yards

Baby needs so much stuff. So, it’s always convenient and comforting when you can find gear that multi-tasks, like play yards. Whether you travel or try to maximize every inch in a tiny apartment, a play yard just makes sense. A play yard is one product made to give your little one freedom to play or rest, while being protected inside four, soft walls.

Play yards are lightweight, designed to be portable enough to take from room to room, or easily fold and bring to Grandma’s house. Many have bassinet inserts where you can change messy diapers or lay your newborn down for naptime. Parents appreciate the versatility of a play yard, while their little ones get their own special space to snooze or entertain themselves.

Our Swift Play Yard is a multi-use, stylish 3-in-1 play yard that can start as a newborn bassinet, and grows with baby through toddler time as a sturdy sleep and play space. At about 18 pounds, it’s incredibly light, and made with portability and travel in mind. Easily fold to its compact size and tuck into the handy travel bag.

Set it up and take it down with speed and ease. Swift is this play yard’s name for a reason. Your little one enjoys their own little haven, while you’re hands-free, enjoying peaceful moments knowing they’re in a safe space.


Play. Sleep. Repeat.

When it comes to family, it’s all about routine. Play time, nap time. Then do it all again. 

3 stylish products in 1

Introducing the new Swift. A multi-use, stylish 3-in-1 travel play yard that can be used as a newborn bassinet, toddler sleep space and safe, sturdy play yard, from newborn to toddler. At about 18 lbs., it’s the lightest of its kind. With a lightning-fast fold, Swift is easily the quickest travel play yard you’ll ever put up, down and up again – at home or on the road.

Adjusts with the greatest of ease

Everything about Swift is designed for speed and ease of use. Its smooth one-step fold is so quick and easy, you can even do it one-handed. There are no hidden locks that get in the way – one swift action and you can simply get on with your busy day. Swift grows with your baby from newborn to toddler. So instead of buying three separate portable products (a bassinet, travel sleep space and play yard), the Swift is all three, stylishly rolled into one.

Extra-comfy 2-stage mattress

The Swift has a unique 2-stage mattress that unzips to perfectly fit the bassinet, providing a smaller, cozier mattress that's ideal for newborns. As your baby grows, the mattress zips back together to create a larger, super-comfy space for playtime or a well-deserved nap.

The lightest of its kind

So light it almost floats, the Swift packs into a handy carry bag, so it’s ideal for taking with you on days out visiting friends and family or for weekends away.

Swift is designed to make everyday family life quicker and easier – a lifesaver for parents who are always on the go.

Play. Sleep. Repeat

Swift Play Yard Essential Graphite

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